Nov 232013
The Day Andrew Zimmern Didn't Take his Medicine

Look here, I think Andrew Zimmern is a pretty cool dude. I’ve been watching his shows for a while. Plus, any guy who takes 2 bites of khalea is aces in my book. But Andrew did a bad thing recently.   ANDREW ZIMMERN’S GOOF In a blogpost titled I’m Over Sriracha, Zimmern challenged sriracha devotees to [...]

Sep 262013
Dragon Cookies Has Gone Etsy!

Good people! It’s taken a while but Dragon Cookies can be purchased at Etsy until 8 October 2013 and the first few orders have come in! For the detailed story, see my previous blogpost Dragon Cookies Will Soon Be Available. This is going to be fun and I thank the folks who poked me in August [...]

Sep 062013
Dragon Cookies Will Soon Be Available For A Limited Time

Thanks to everyone who keeps asking about Dragon Cookies. Your interest inspired 6 months of testing that resulted in a perfectly chewy mixture of sweet, hot and cold.  And you continue to keep the love and respect of capsaicin alive. Recently there was a sudden interest and I’ve decided to make some Dragon Cookies. However, since [...]

Jul 172012

One facet of the Dragon Cookies mission is to bring maturity to the appreciation of capsaicin. There are a lot of flavors to appreciate in peppers, and when added to foods with discernment, the experience is pure splendor. So, enjoy your spices, and Respect the Cookie.   Connect with me on Google+

Jun 222012
Experiment #2: SUCCESSFUL

A couple of weeks ago I abandoned the Sweet Potato, Coconut experiment. The first batch had the texture of muffins and the coconut flavor wasn’t showing up. The second batch was much more cookie-like, it was tasty but the reality still wasn’t measuring up to the expectation. Last night, something spoke to me. While rounding the cheese counter at Whole Foods the [...]

Jun 092012
Logan Square Kitchen is Closing

It’s hard to believe and it’s one of those things that make you wanna scream, “GODDAMMIT!” After battling with the City of Chicago over the business model of shared kitchens, Zina Murray has decided to close Logan Square Kitchen. Listen to her interview on the Mike Nowak Show Podcast. This is a sad thing because [...]

May 142012
Dragon ... errr ... Muffins?

As promised, here’s a report on the development of Dragon Cookie #2: The Sweet Potato Caper. With great excitement, I gather the ingredients, looked for similar recipes to the one in my mind … and fired up the oven. The result: tasty but flat, pancake-like non-cookies. So disappointing but also quite exciting. I pulled out [...]

May 092012
Dragon Cookie #2 On The Way

IT’S TRUE The inspiration for Dragon Cookie #2 has taken root. The Peanutbutter Dragon Cookie (PBDC) will soon have a sibling! And for those of you who don’t like peanutbutter, you’ll get to join the capsaicin-infused bacchanal. Shall I tell you what the next cookie is going to be? (Let me give that some thought.) [...]

Apr 102012
2012: The Year of Capsaicin

Has any one else noticed? 2012 is The Year of Capsaicin. A Chopped Champion A Top Chef Champion A Sweet Genius Peanutbutter Dragon Cookies There’s a trend and it’s measured in Scoville units … and only getting hotter. The Peanutbutter Dragon Cookie is a small part of the story. Let’s look at what else has happened [...]

Feb 212012
Baking Cookies & Excel VBA Code

What do Excel and DragonCookies have to do with each other? Recently, the DragonCookie recipe/process had gone sideways … and I had a spreadsheet that wasn’t doing what it was supposed to be doing. For both, it was necessary to: Clarify the objective Step back Do some research Ask a lot of questions Resist the [...]

Feb 152012
Best Batch Ever: Unsurpassed Oral Delight

Things have been quiet in the secret lair of the DragonCookie operations. The last batch, however, was positively amazing! We’re back to delivering the oral sensation that DragonCookie and capsaicin fiends long for. We went quiet because a few batches came DRY. Oh LAWD, they were like sawdust. The goal was to improve on the recipe and something went [...]

Jan 022012
The Vanilla Extract Is Ready!

The vanilla experiment is ready to taste! A little research revealed that making your on vanilla extract is quite easy, and some people say it’s less expensive, and better tasting than buying it at the store. For food geeks, it’s an opportunity to experiment. MY RECIPE Bourbon Vanilla Beans 1 Ghost Pepper Take the bourbon, [...]

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